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Avançado 1 | Summit 1A student book with workbook - third edition - 3ª ed.

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cod. do produto: 22815-3

With its fresh new look, the third edition of the Summit program helps develop confident English speakers who are able to navigate a host of social and professional situations. This two-level course provides high-intermediate learners with an integrated set of global communication skills. It delivers immediate, demonstrable results through its goal- and achievement-based pedagogy and continual recycling of language. The two levels of Summit can be used with Top Notch as the fifth and sixth books in a complete six-level series. Summit 1 covers competencies from B2 to B2+ and Summit 2 introduces C1 competencies in the Common European Framework of Reference. The entire Summit course can be tailored to blended learning with its integrated online component, MyEnglishLab (access code available separately; not included in the Student Book).

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ISBN: 9780134498874

Edição: 3

Área: Inglês

Número de Páginas: 209

Idioma: Português

Data de Lançamento: 21/06/2017

Tamanho: 21 X 27,5



Título: Avançado 1 | Summit 1a Student Book With Workbook - Third Edition




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